I am sooooo excited for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 4! I have my midnight show ticket bought and a group scallywags gathered up to join me in the mayhem. I. Can't. Wait. *sigh* Will report back in after the movie for my full (likely 5 star) review of the film. Much to the dismay of my friend Mike, the

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There's tumbleweeds up in here, yo.

There’s tumbleweeds up in here, yo.

04/25/2011 • Ok, I can't pull that off at all, but I do these things to amuse my boys. So you can deal. :) I think that this blog is a mirror of my life... I've left most of the fringe activities that ... read more

“Just as long as you don’t get me or my camera wet!” was my answer…

11/19/2010 • ... to pretty much everything that afternoon. Anything goes, well, I said no to pulling the fire alarm but I doubt they were serious, but you never know with these boys... any boys, I find. Or maybe just the ones ... read more

“What goes up must come down,” she says with cautious confidence.

11/04/2010 • Warning: all of this may or may not have actually happened like this. What can I say? I'm a big drama queen and I like satire. Read on... So Saturday was [M]'s Huddle Halloween party... 18 kids hopped up on sugary ... read more

The one day a year we arm our children with really sharp knives... just for fun.

The one day a year we arm our children with really sharp knives… just for fun.

11/01/2010 • If you haven't read my last post, you aren't missing much aside from a bad attitude and a segue into this post about my son and me going to the pumpkin patch to pick out the family pumpkins for Halloween ... read more

Ode to our friend, Buck

Ode to our friend, Buck

10/13/2010 • Buck a.k.a. "Big Man"   19XX - October 11, 2010 May he rest in peace. Buck came to us from a rescue group in St. Louis. At the time, he was our only pet, and he became Dad's best friend in no time. ... read more

The Magic House: our latest field trip

The Magic House: our latest field trip

09/30/2010 • Ok, so we went to the Magic House. It was pretty cool. Not O.M.G. blow you away amazing, but cool. Here's the reason why (and I need to grab a tissue and dose of reality)... my boys are getting older. ... read more